Hershey and Godiva have Hatched a Chick(s)

Jordan Lake: H&G nest. Hershey and Godiva have hatched a chick or chicks! They may have hatched them yesterday but I wasn’t 100% certain of that because I could not distinctly see any kind of feeding behavior. This morning I could see the behavior. That is Godiva leaning over to feed the chick, she stands up, looks around, and instantly goes back to feeding the baby. Hallelujah!

Godiva feeding chick
Checking for any danger
Back to feeding the chick


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  1. I assume this nest is in Jordan lake State Park? If you want to draw more attention to your petition and efforts to protect, you should with the park put a camera up so everyone would flock to the site during moments like this! Nest cameras are used widely by many. The attention would not only excel your petition but also donations. You could spearhead this.
    Eagles need human spokespeople to help them with the problems we introduce!

    1. At the very beginning of this problem I brought up a web cam with both the superintendent of Jordan Lake State park and with the head of the state park division, and have consistently done so since then, in every communication I have had with anyone involved with Jordan Lake State Park (as a matter of fact I brought up a web cam in the first breeding season of this nest). The state park system has refused a webcam and not given me a reason for their refusal. BTW, the superintendent of Jordan Lake State Park refuses to have a Facebook page for Jordan Lake State Park, even though almost every other park in the entire system has one … so is the superintendent afraid of web pages and web cams??? I don’t know the answer to that but I wonder. I am like you, the publicity and teaching potential is enormous, but, for whatever reason, the thought of a web cam is a negative one to the park superintendent and he is the one with the authority for such a project. I would love to spearhead such a program, I have the contacts, but, once again, the state park will not accept my proposals or my help. I really appreciate your thoughts and encouragement!


      1. If you can’t go in the front door,go in the back door.
        Meaning you should talk to people higher up on the totem pole. Lobby the Governor.
        I speculate the reason they do not want to do get anything is because of costs involved? Park budgets have been slashed to the bone.
        If you got the equipment required and people needed to do this I bet they’d be more pliable
        Talk to people who have already dome this,so as to understand what is required.
        This project can work!

      2. I have been doing exactly as you have suggested and I have been doing it since December 2. I and several others. Many other people on my various blogs have written and called the authorities. There is one person that is standing in the way of all of this and it is the supervisor at the Jordan Lake State Park. By the way he knows that we have outside funding available for this. So go figure. And please, by all means email or phone all of the authorities from the governor through the legislators, through all of the state park division and the US Fish and Wildlife Service because I have done so and so have many others. Like I said it is not a lack of funding … there is some reason the superintendent is just adamant that there is not going to be any concession given at all to this pair of bald eagles and their offspring. Makes me extremely angry but I keep butting my head against every wall I come across. I truly truly do appreciate your suggestions and I do ask you please to contact everybody you can think of and here is a link to my prior blog with a dozen links you can follow in order to have you say https://docellensjourney.com/2022/01/08/help-big-pine-bald-eagle-nest-a-dozen-contacts/

      3. I’d like to contact everybody but I’m CDN.
        A friend explained to me that NC is a red State. So there in lies the problem. If your GOP just contact your representative and I’m sure you’d get everything you’d need but If your a Dem your SOL.
        Having said that I would like to help out in my own way. You can use any of my eagle shots to help draw interest. Just let me know which ones you want?

      4. Ah. I understand. I will most definitely keep in mind your generous offer about Eagle shots. Knowing you and so many others are out there sending good thoughts and doing what you can is a big help. Have a very blessed evening! Peace and grace, Doc Ellen

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