Jordan Lake: Yesterday we saw a Pine Warbler – as I described it – tumbling after an insect. One of my friends suggested that really the better adjective was to say that the warbler had launched. I certainly think that adjective could also apply to today’s photos. This great blue heron had perched way at the top of the pine tree. Suddenly he was up off the top and headed down. Truly a full wing, full force, headed down launch!

Jordan Lake: I wanted a photo for the first day of Autumn. The weather was not cooperating. I had about given up when there was a small gap in all of the clouds and some of the rain and the wind trailed off. I watched this Pine Warbler do a tumble off of a branch and quickly dash after an insect to eat. Then the clouds let go of the rain and I made a soggy trip home. The glimpse of the pine warbler was a great start to Autumn and I quickly dried off as I sat down to share the warbler with all of you.

Jordan Lake: I watched this female Osprey Fledgling catch a fish this morning. Then she promptly did what she needed to do next: the youngster shook off all the excess water from her dive and lightened the weight she had to carry in her flight to a nearby tree. The shake is done exactly the way a dog does one … starts at the beak and twists through to the tail.

Jordan Lake! Peregrine Falcon!! This speedy bird came off of the Ebenezer Beach area and it was heading south down the lake. I saw it and caught seven rapid fire shots of it. And the bird was gone. It was not even doing its famed 200 mph hunting speed. The falcon was only cruising as it went past. I don’t usually see peregrine falcons at the lake until December. So wondering why this one showed up this early. Sure hope you enjoy the speedster!