Godiva, mother bald eagle at H&G nest, soared from the tree line and past me. Her mass easy to see…from the huge beak, through the vast bulk of her body and into feet and talons that show the grip that is said to be about 10 times stronger than the grip of a human hand! In other words those massive talons can exert up to about 400psi. Some grip!


Having just added new photos to my print gallery (more than a dozen bird species), I want to say my heart-felt thanks to each of you who has bought a print from me in the past.  My thanks to those of you who check out my gallery site and consider making a purchase.  Each purchase helps me to continue my field studies at Jordan Lake and I do enjoy the studying.  However, my biggest joy is in the sharing with all of you what I observe at the lake. Thanks for considering a purchase.
Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen
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Sometimes I turn around and into my line of sight, out of the fog, a great blue heron appears and reminds me of my long ago friend Stumpy. That happened this morning. Stumpy was the first bird I grew to know well at Jordan Lake. He and I spent many hours together, quietly healing – he his broken leg and me my wounded arm. He has been gone now a number of years. I miss him. If you would like to more know more of Stumpy’s journey with me, you can find the eBook on my blog at http://www.dreamingsongsphotos.com


There is nothing quite like having a 3.5 year-old bald eagle do a 90 degree turn far across the lake and make a bee-line for the shore you are sitting on. He never acknowledged that I was there as he streaked over my head and on to the south. I will know him again, if I see him: did you notice the odd coloration that drapes down his beak? I think it may be scar tissue and could be there for his lifetime.