Jordan Lake. Mom Godiva likes to occasionally have a meal of bird. You can see the water splash trail as the cormorant that Godiva was chasing tried to first run and take flight, but then decided the safest route was to just dive under. Mom Godiva was not happy that she missed. I am sure the cormorant thinks otherwise.

Jordan Lake. Mom Godiva, a female bald eagle, stands at the most about 3 1/2 feet tall. She tried valiantly to get the stick at the red arrows back to her nest. She carried it for more than 200 feet before it got away from her. As you can tell the stick is somewhat longer than she is tall. Bald eagles have a lot of strength.

adult bald eagle nest repair stick drop

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. Bald eagle parents guard their territory all year around. The breeding season here goes from about December 1 to June 1. However the parents are prone to starting repair on their nest if they see a stick that will fit in to whatever hole needs to be patched. Mom Godiva grabbed herself a fairly big stick, hauled it up to the nest and then went fishing and got herself a snack.

Godiva carrying big nest repair stick
into her nest with the stick
fishing for a snack

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. Brother Eaglet looking down at his sibling, “I asked mom if she was certain that she should just be sitting there and not bringing us any food“. The two eaglets pouted a few moments longer. Finally they both stomped off to the other end of the nest where they could have a royal bald eaglet pout.

Godiva and her 2 Chicks
Chicks Pouting

Jordan Lake: H&G nest. That is Mom Godiva in the nest. If you look very very and I do mean very closely, you can SEE her CHICK. The chick is barely above the nest brim. It is tucked in between her white head and the brown of her chest. At this distance it almost looks like a dandelion blossom! I was not sure yesterday that I was actually seeing one of the chicks until I had time this morning to go back through yesterday‘s shoot. Glad I can share the chick with you!

Mom Godiva and Her Chick

Jordan Lake: H&G nest. Hershey and Godiva have hatched a chick or chicks! They may have hatched them yesterday but I wasn’t 100% certain of that because I could not distinctly see any kind of feeding behavior. This morning I could see the behavior. That is Godiva leaning over to feed the chick, she stands up, looks around, and instantly goes back to feeding the baby. Hallelujah!

Godiva feeding chick
Checking for any danger
Back to feeding the chick