During the photography class this morning, we got a chance to watch this eaglet calmly, almost floating, fly past us. Always keeping an eye of all things happening at the lake, this fledgling bald eagle came by to see what was happening in his territory. What a great subject for my students! I thanked the eaglet for helping with the instructions.

Hershey and Godiva are one of the mated pairs of bald eagles at Jordan Lake. This morning, while Hurricane Dorian was still off SC and we were just starting to get some good gusts, Godiva called out to Hershey, challenging him to a chase in the strengthening wind. By the way, Hershey is the light brown eagle (he is named after the chocolate bar) and Godiva is the normal dark brown of a bald eagle.

This morning after I finished my slideshow part of the lecture, we all went outdoors to look for birds. There sat an almost adult bald eagle. Contented to be an eagle and ignore those of us who were thrilled to see him. Ranger Steve McMurray and I sure enjoyed our enthusiastic group for the Going, Going Almost Gone lecture. Here is the eagle from this morning. Keep an eye out for our next lecture in a couple of months.