The BALD EAGLES and OSPREYS of Jordan Lake need your HELP! There have been sightings this spring and summer of bald eagles and ospreys with some kind of dark fluids staining their feathers. We are asking for your help in reporting any birds that you observe that are coated or if you see any unusual substances on or in the water of the lake or shoreline. Please contact NC Wildlife Resources Commission at 1 (800) 662-7137 if you sight an injured‬ bird or a dead bald eagle or osprey. Please leave the injured bird alone and do not try to capture it. Any remains must stay in-place. You may also share your concerns with the Army Corps of Engineers at (919-542-4501 x2428) or Doc Ellen via FB messenger or Instagram message. Please include with your notice a location, date, time of day, species of bird and what the bird looked like. Thank you for your help!

Jordan Lake, Tuesday, September 8, 2020. While out with Captain Doug, checking bald eagle and osprey nests, we found this very photogenic bald eagle. I caught him at that moment of suspension just between being perched and in full flight. It was great seeing a bald eagle up close again … it was great to find a bald eagle to share with all of you!!!!!

Jordan Lake, Haw River:  Oh Joy!!! The fledgling bald eagle was going to land very, very close.  I concentrated.  Snapped a photo and got the moment of intent just before the landing. The fledgling disappeared into the boughs of oak leaves.  I waited.  Then I waited some more figuring he would get hungry and fly out.  1 hour and 20 minutes later I was still waiting, and, had to leave for an appointment.  The youngster won the patience round, by default!  Ah, well, I did get us a great look at his precise landing.  Did you notice the set of talons he has???

Jordan Lake: How to define the word “STRETCH”! This 4-year-old bald eagle did a magnificent stretch and leap into the air when it launched. I reckon you could also use the photo to define “POWER”!

Jordan Lake: Mom bald eagle came ripping across the top of the trees.  There was a 3-year-old bald eagle in her territory.  The face-to-face mid-air action was breath-taking!  It didn’t take Mom Eagle long to chase the youngster through the trees and out of the cove.  Whew!