Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Gathering, the Haw River at Jordan Lake Dam. PLEASE NOTE: to get these photos I got no closer than 330 feet to the eagles – any closer and they go down river. 330 feet is the minimum distance stated in the Federal Register for approaching non-breeding eagles. These photos were taken at a distance of more than 600 feet. In other words, don’t go more than half the length of the riprap down river. Just don’t do it, please.
Every winter bald eagles become more or less communal. More or less. They will kind of share trees even if they are not next of kin. Sharing fish, no way! In the photos the 4 immature eagles are: the furtherest up and behind everybody is a yearling. The tumbling 3 year-old eagle to the left purposefully knocked the 4-year-old eagle off the perch that they both wanted. A 2-year-old watches the melee. If you would like help in getting the best possible shots of the Gathering, please consider taking one of my classes seen at this link: