Jordan Lake. My very first day with my brand-new camera and lens that all of you helped me, in so many ways, to purchase.
I have a lot of learning in front of me! Using this camera is like learning to fly the space shuttle so hang in there with me. I will keep practicing and trying all the ways this camera can be used. Thank you all again for all of your support in oh so many ways.

Mom Godiva up high to left of nest; look for her bright white head
her two fledglings in the nest on each side of main trunk
red-headed woodpecker
osprey male
great blue heron

Jordan Lake. H&G nest both the chicks have fledged! In the last two days they both took flight. 1st photo is mama Godiva. 2nd photo is one of the fledglings coming in to land while Godiva watches it. 3rd photo is the Fledgling at upper right watching mama Godiva at lower left. 4th photo is Godiva to the left, fledgling in the middle and the other fledgling landed in the nest. Whew!!!

I have had a very unexpected but wonderful notification … and I need a bit more funding support. The camera store where I had back ordered and placed on hold the new camera, notified me that they have the camera back in stock, but not very many of them. Since there was enough funding in my account for the camera body, they wanted to go ahead and ship me the camera even though I don’t have quite the money to also purchase the lens that goes with it. We talked a bit. We decided to ship the camera to me and wait and see if I could finish raising the rest of the money for the lens that is especially made for the camera (they are holding one for me). I could buy the adapter ($200) that would let me use my present lens with the new camera but with that comes additional weight and the difficulty for me to use the adapter. I and the camera store decided to wait to see if maybe over the next few days my GoFundMe could raise the rest of the money to buy the new lens too. I need an additional $1500 to get the new lens. If you have already donated your time, your funds, your support to me, thank you! If you have not yet made a donation to my GoFundMe please consider doing so. The lighter camera and lens will bring much relief and ease to my fieldwork. I will be able to go to the lake, marvel in all that nature has to show us and then share my delight with all of you. I will be ending the campaign on June 1, 2022, with gratitude to all of you. Thank you, peace and grace, Doc Ellen

Bald Eagle Lady Lake and her Chick

Jordan Lake. H&G bald eagle nest. That is one very large chick! Probably a female because the adult in the nest with her is dad Hershey. At this point the chicks are adult-sized. You can see that this female bald eagle chick is the usual 25% bigger in size than a male.

Jordan Lake. H&N nest. It was a very cold, windy, gusty, grey morning. That did not stop the bald eagle chicks in the nest from bouncing. Dad Hershey watched one of them get quite into the act of making big wings. Then he decided enough was enough and Hershey bailed out. #BEverettJordanLake #BaldEagle #HersheyBaldEagle #hawriver #jordanlakestatepark

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. You would think that with a fish that big, which Dad Hershey had just caught, it would make quite a meal for his two chicks. Hershey dropped the fish into the nest. The two chicks fought over it. Within three minutes it was apparent that the fish was all gone because the two chicks separated to each end of the nest.

Dad Hershey of H&G Nest