Jordan Lake. Mom Godiva, a female bald eagle, stands at the most about 3 1/2 feet tall. She tried valiantly to get the stick at the red arrows back to her nest. She carried it for more than 200 feet before it got away from her. As you can tell the stick is somewhat longer than she is tall. Bald eagles have a lot of strength.

adult bald eagle nest repair stick drop

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. Bald eagle parents guard their territory all year around. The breeding season here goes from about December 1 to June 1. However the parents are prone to starting repair on their nest if they see a stick that will fit in to whatever hole needs to be patched. Mom Godiva grabbed herself a fairly big stick, hauled it up to the nest and then went fishing and got herself a snack.

Godiva carrying big nest repair stick
into her nest with the stick
fishing for a snack

Jordan Lake. Today I was out with Captain Doug and friends and we came across Mom Kate from First Nest. Seeing her pant really brought home just how hot and humid it has been. Birds do not have sweat glands so they keep cool by perching in the shade, panting and hunting food in the early morning and late afternoon.

Mom Kate

Jordan Lake. I got to the lake right after a thunderstorm had rained hard. Bald eagles hate to get wet. This is mom Godiva straightening out her tail feathers after being thoroughly soaked.

mom Godiva preening

Jordan Lake. After the bald eagle quarterly count this morning, a pair of bald eagles came by. That is mom eagle that you first see on the left. She takes a little dip and then a stroll. Dad bald eagle shows up and proceeds to have a snack of fish. This is my first real attempt at using the new camera for video … I can foresee lots of needed practice … but the still photography remains my priority.

Jordan Lake. My very first day with my brand-new camera and lens that all of you helped me, in so many ways, to purchase.
I have a lot of learning in front of me! Using this camera is like learning to fly the space shuttle so hang in there with me. I will keep practicing and trying all the ways this camera can be used. Thank you all again for all of your support in oh so many ways.

Mom Godiva up high to left of nest; look for her bright white head
her two fledglings in the nest on each side of main trunk
red-headed woodpecker
osprey male
great blue heron