From one end of Jordan Lake to the other, the ospreys are hauling in big bass.
Dad osprey was fishing in the Haw River, inside the riprap at the dam.
Into the flight path of the osprey a great blue heron appeared.
The osprey ignored the squawking heron and concentrated on the bass.
You can see that the raptor was struggling to get the whole fish above the water.
Dad osprey managed the lift and was up and away towards his nest. Whew!

Flight Detail
As an equine veterinarian, I sometimes did still photography to help diagnose lameness problems.
But, Doc, why didn’t you use video since the problem was one of movement, you ask.
The bald eagle shown here, the wing beat captured in 2 cycles, is the reason for the stills …
I can see the stretch of the body and the pull of the wings on this healthy eagle.
In a video I would have to stop the movie, hoping to catch the moment of a problem.
With the stills I could more easily see the changes in a horse’s gait.
Or, if this eagle were in flight trouble, I could better see where in the cycle the problem occurred.

First Bald Eagle Sighting
A walker came to the dam this morning with her two dogs.
She asked what I and my friend were trying to photograph.
I replied that I would photograph any thing that caught my eye, including bald eagles.
She smiled and said she would like to see a bald eagle because she had never seen one.
As we talked, I glanced up, and yes, the eagle below came flying over us.
I swung my camera toward the eagle and told the lady to look.
There was a long silence as the realization of what she had seen took hold.
The dear lady agreed with me when I said we had all just been blessed.