Jordan Lake. I heard the fledgling bald eagle screaming as it burst forth from the trees. Right behind the young eagle was a pair of fish crows. Apparently the eaglet had gotten too close to the fish crows’ nest. All 3 instantly banked back into the trees and I tried to follow them through the branches but they disappeared very quickly out of my sight.

Jordan Lake. Bald eagles everywhere! First cruise with Captain Doug and my new camera equipment. 1) bald eagle fledgling 2) Captain’s Nest fledgling 3) immature bald eagle 4) 4 yo bald eagle

bald eagle fledgling
Captain;s Nest bald eagle fledgling
Immature bald eagle
4-year-old bald eagle

Jordan Lake. My very first day with my brand-new camera and lens that all of you helped me, in so many ways, to purchase.
I have a lot of learning in front of me! Using this camera is like learning to fly the space shuttle so hang in there with me. I will keep practicing and trying all the ways this camera can be used. Thank you all again for all of your support in oh so many ways.

Mom Godiva up high to left of nest; look for her bright white head
her two fledglings in the nest on each side of main trunk
red-headed woodpecker
osprey male
great blue heron

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. One of the two fledglings was trying hard to look fierce and attempt to fish. She was way out toward mid lake and I kept hoping she would come in towards shore so I could get a better shot … maybe tomorrow …

Jordan Lake. H&G nest both the chicks have fledged! In the last two days they both took flight. 1st photo is mama Godiva. 2nd photo is one of the fledglings coming in to land while Godiva watches it. 3rd photo is the Fledgling at upper right watching mama Godiva at lower left. 4th photo is Godiva to the left, fledgling in the middle and the other fledgling landed in the nest. Whew!!!