Jordan Lake. First Nest. Triplets!!! Kate and Bard have three chicks. The usual number of chicks in a nest is two – 3 is uncommon. The small chick laying across the front of the nest is probably the youngest of the 3. Sometimes eggs are laid and hatched several days apart. The 2 bigger chicks are looking up at Dad Bard – you can see the back of his head and his tail.

triplet bald eagle chicks

Jordan Lake. I saw Loblolly last week (that is her in the photo) but have not seen Pitch in more than 3 weeks. We will all have to wait until this coming December to see what Loblolly does. My thanks again to each of you in all your support of not just Loblolly and Pitch but also for the Jordan Lake Neighborhood. Peace and grace, Doc Ellen


Jordan lake. 1st chick seen this year at the nest. The afternoon backlighting of the nest made the chick sparkle. The chick is at the light green arrow. There may be a possible chick at the light pink arrow but we will have to wait to see them both at the same time to know for sure.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Kate and Bard have a chick or chicks that have hatched. 1) Kate is very proud to be a parent. 2) Mom Kate had been feeding chick(s) below my line of sight then stopped and looked very hard at her youngsters. It will be a while before we actually see the chicks.

Mom Kate