Big Pine Nest has a HATCH!

Jordan Lake: At least one egg has HATCHED! We don’t know yet if there is a second egg/chick. That is mom Loblolly reaching down towards the chick. She’s got a bite of fish in her beak. We can’t quite see the chick yet. The next two weeks are extremely critical to this chick because a chick must to be at least two weeks old before it can thermal regulate – in other words it can’t control its own body temperature until then and depends on the parent’s body heat for warmth. So on one hand I am very glad that it is warm today and that the chick won’t get chilled if the parent should be spooked from the nest. On the other hand, and I don’t blame them, there will be more people out at the park because the visitors want to be outdoors in the sunshine. I just pray that the visitors all respect these bald eagles and stay out of the Shelter 8 loop.

Mom Loblolly feeding her chick


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  1. Happy News! And I’m grateful for all the info regarding these early days in the life of a chick…. Helen


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