We started this month on Monday with an eagle – which was grand because we hadn’t had one in a long time. This morning, at 06:14 AM, Lady Lake appeared out of the rising sun and soared past me. My oh my. Two neat bald eagles for me to share with you in one week! I haven’t seen Lady Lake of the LL&H nest since the beginning of the year.

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River:  Aa I photographed this bald eagle, flying towards the rising sun this morning, I found myself thinking about this afternoon and its promise of possibilities: the possibility to once again gather in small groups, the possibility to be responsible in our distances within those groups, the possibility to protect others by wearing our masks.  It is hard, as a social species, to be apart and not gather and hug and hold each other.  But, we humans can do what the bald eagle cannot: we can thoughtfully make decisions and then live by them.  I am waiting as patiently as possible – to know that all of you are safe and healthy. So, go into this afternoon, rejoice and know that this is a first step.   Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

In this evening’s uncertainties, I found myself wondering just what do I need to do next … what should be my next action.  Then I remembered this 4-year-old bald eagle from January 14, 2019.  He picked his path, set his eye on the perch he wanted and solidly made a landing.  May we all find a perch, a place to stop and breathe and know that we too will stick the landing and greet the next moment with assurance and hope.