Sitting at the riprap this morning, some of us were talking about how in a couple of weeks or so, we should see the first returning osprey of the year. Then one of my friends called out, “Doc there IS an osprey!” Oh wow! It is a female and she is too early. I don’t usually see ospreys until the last day of February and then usually the males are the first to return to an area. I am going to worry about her in the cold that is already here and that is supposed to just get more frigid over the next few days. I hope she finds a warm dry perch and that the eagles don’t harass her. Welcome back, Osprey! Stay safe.

I have put together a map of the riprap at the dam so each of you can get the best chance of seeing the bald eagles. The red arrow is at the Half-Way point. If you pass this point, all the eagles are going to go down river because you have passed their 330 foot personal space parameter. The 330 foot distance is according to the Federal regulations involving bald eagles. Take your chair and sit no further down river than the red arrow and you should see an eagle! Do remember that if you should find yourself near a bald eagle nest the viewing distance doubles to 660 ft. Good Luck!!!!!