This morning after I finished my slideshow part of the lecture, we all went outdoors to look for birds. There sat an almost adult bald eagle. Contented to be an eagle and ignore those of us who were thrilled to see him. Ranger Steve McMurray and I sure enjoyed our enthusiastic group for the Going, Going Almost Gone lecture. Here is the eagle from this morning. Keep an eye out for our next lecture in a couple of months.

Yesterday I got to see Momma Kate from a very different perspective. A friend took me into the First Nest Cove on his boat. There was Kate perched not too far below her nest. All bald eagle pairs stay close to their nest all year around, even when they don’t have chicks or fledglings to raise. It was grand getting to see Kate!

I had heard this male pileated and his mate chipping away across the cove from me. I had gotten distracted by a fishing osprey, when two trees away from me the thwacking got very loud. Looking up I was startled at how close the woodpecker was to me as these birds tend to be spooky around people. I got the scattering of the wood chips as the pileated drew back for another blow – so fast it blurred my next shot of him. Then his mate called out and just like that he was gone into the deeper shadows.