Jordan Lake. Concentrating hard, eyes, feet and wings in synchrony, this 2-year-old bald eagle is determined to stick her landing and balance on the small diameter of the snag.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Two of the bald eagle triplets were chasing each other in the air. One attempted a strike. I did my best to keep up with them but at this point I think they’re much better at flight (thank goodness) than I am at taking video of flight. Enjoy the two of them!

Jordan Lake. First Nest. The triplets are together ~ 1000 ft from the nest. They are waiting in the flight path of the parent who might be bringing a fish to the nest. Once the fledglings see the parent heading for the nest it is a race between the siblings as to whom gets to the nest first and gets the fish. Sometimes, as we saw in the Bard video, collisions occur at the point of parent, fledgling and fish getting to the nest. Kate learned many years ago how to avoid these ambushes. Bard, this being his first batch of fledglings, is learning the hard way.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Two of the three triplets have branched. When a bald eagle chick branches it jumps / hops / half flies to a branch above the nest. They use the nest as a safety net below them. This is the last practicing step before they fly! Look for the 2 sets of yellow feet on the branch above and to the left of the chick in the nest.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Dad Bard landed in the nest with a small fish. All 3 chicks were watching his feet. They knew where the fish was. Then there was a shoving match to see who would end up with the fish. It was Big Chick that won the fish. All three chicks are doing well. Arrows in first photo point to the 3 chicks.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. The chicks this morning were doing a lot of wing wapping and trampolining. The biggest of the chicks was certainly hogging most of the space much to the annoyance of the other two chicks. The big chick was getting a lot of vertical air between its feet and the nest!