Big Pine Nest: Mom Loblolly Chases 3-year-old Bald Eagle

Jordan Lake: Here is what I caught yesterday of the interaction between Loblolly and the three-year-old gang of eight member. 1st photo: the three-year-old is sitting up in the tree quite proud of itself. 2nd photo: Mom Loblolly is at about Mach 3 heading straight for that three year old. 3rd photo: the three-year-old has realized that he is in danger and in a very wrong place as he turns and is trying to launch. 4th photo: above the pine branch you can see a blurred Mom Loblolly‘s head and below that same branch you can see the tail of the three-year-old. 5th photo: the three-year-old catching its balance on a branch before it leaps out. 6th photo: the scared and fleeing 3-year-old passed me in a hurry. 7th photo: mom Loblolly is heading back up towards the nest area. In yesterday‘s video you can see mom Loblolly enjoying a bit of a rest and some grooming after the ouster of the obnoxious three-year-old bald eagle.

3-year-old Gang of 8 Member
Mom Loblolly Heading for the 3-year-old
3-year-old Realizes the Incoming Danger
Mom Loblolly Head Above Branch & 3-year-old Tail Below Branch
3-year-old Trying to Balance as it Flees
3-year-old Fleeing Past Me
Mom Loblolly Heading Back Towards Nest


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  1. Excellent captures. Junior so proudly thinking “You’re not the boss of me” until Mom Loblolly sets him straight. More seriously, seems like a lot of stress at the nest, for Eagles and photographer. Your stewardship of the lake is appreciated.

      1. You’re welcome. Keep up your great work. I have walked in your shoes when it comes to protecting nests – in my case Great Blue Herons nesting on a small island in one of my lakes here. I have guarded that site from stick gathering to mating to chicks fledging and their return from migration the next year. Every year I feel compelled to post a PSA to caution people about interference with nesting birds. I signed on to your own petition a while back. Here is a fairly recent PSA I posted after personally cautioning and then unfollowing a couple of excellent photographers who just don’t get it.

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