Gate is still open. Eggs still not laid. In the problem of how to balance the management of the needs of the bald eagle family of Loblolly and Pitch, the bald eagle parents at Shelter 8, with the consideration for the public visiting the Jordan Lake State Park Area, I find myself considering this:
Along with the laws involving bald eagles and their environment, I hold the thought, central to my approach to all animals, that I as a veterinarian, am responsible to know how animals act in many situations. If I am aware that any animal (bird, horse, cat, dog, snake) is in distress, being disturbed or harassed, I need to bring my training to bear upon the situation. So, paired with the laws or restrictions published about nesting bald eagles, there is my awareness that this pair of bald eagles has lost chicks in the past and that human disturbance has been documented. As a veterinarian and a citizen of North Carolina I must do what I can to bring as much safety to the Shelter 8 nest as I can – and that means getting the gate to Shelter 8 closed. As a veterinarian I must also do what I can to educate: people who perhaps don’t understand how to properly care for their cow or horse or eagle. These bald eagles belong to all of us. There is a marvelous opportunity at Shelter 8 – if this pair can successfully raise chicks, their nest is ideally suited for a webcam. If Loblolly and Pitch again lose their potential family, we will lose that possibility. My thanks to each and every one of you who are working so hard, each of you in your special ways, to give Loblolly and Pitch the greatest safety and our best chance at getting to moment by moment watch them raise their chicks. photo is Mom Loblolly

Mom Loblolly

Jordan Lake. Shelter eight update. Gate is still open. Still no eggs. Top photo is Dad Pitch. I don’t know what he is staring so intently at! Bottom photo is Mom Loblolly very regally perched in the sunshine. My thanks to all who continue to try in so many ways to get the gate closed and bring as much safety as possible to Loblolly and Pitch.

Jordan Lake: Loblolly has still not laid eggs; gate is still open. This is how I prefer to see Loblolly – flying out over the lake to go fishing and not flying away from intruders. Here is the contact information for Representative Reives, and his legislative Assistant Veronica Green main phone: 919-733-0057 Jordan Lake is in his district. I would also ask that you follow this link to the web site where all the NC legislators are listed to locate your local legislators in your own district and email or call them to let them know your concerns. Thanks for all the support of Loblolly and Pitch!

Jordan Lake. Mom Loblolly. I have obtained the email address and telephone number of the US Fish and Wildlife Service‘s Law Enforcement division. If you have a moment, could you email your concerns about getting the gate to Shelter 8 closed, to the enforcement division or call 1-844-397-8477? This is the division tasked with enforcing the federal laws concerning the bald eagles. Thank you so much for all of your support of the bald eagles of shelter eight.

mom Loblolly

Jordan Lake update on shelter eight. Loblolly and Pitch have begun their mating. You can see all about it on ABC channel 11 at this link My thanks to ABC11 for helping everyone understand how to properly care for these bald eagles. Please continue with your phone calls and emails to anyone you think can help Loblolly and Pitch. Superintendent Mole has continued to leave the gate to shelter 8 open. (919) 362-0586 ext 231

Jordan Lake. They still have not laid eggs. In the video that is Loblolly drying off. Pitch was way down at the other end of their territory, watching the world go by. Please note: I have been asked if while pursuing my advocacy for the bald eagles at Jordan Lake, especially Loblolly and Pitch, “if I was upset with rangers and everybody and anybody who is working at Jordan Lake Park”. My answer is a loud no, not everybody. It is Superintendent Mole and his supervisors that have decided to keep the gate to Shelter 8 open. I have utmost respect and appreciation for the rangers, maintenance and administrative staff at Jordan Lake State Park. These women and men work hard to protect visitors and provide them with opportunities to enjoy being within the natural beauty of the park. These workers are under the supervision of Superintendent Mole and so have to follow his directions. I don’t know where the rangers, maintenance and administrative staff at the park stand on the issue at shelter 8 – I simply know that all my interactions with them have been great. My continuing advocacy and request is for Superintendent Mole to direct the closing of the gate at shelter 8 and protect Loblolly and Pitch and their nest.