Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: This fledgling bald eagle has got the grab-the-fish-and-run sequence down pat.  Note that she is carrying the large fish with only her right foot and still manages to do a great landing deep inside the tree branches.  However, like bald eagles are prone to do, she yelled about her accomplishment … luckily for her none of the other eagles decided to accept her challenge!

Jordan Lake: About a week ago, Captain Doug and I spent several minutes in his boat, floating quietly on the lake, watching this female bald eagle enjoying a meal of a fish she had caught. We both waited patiently for the moment when she would finish the fish, clean her beak, stretch, shake out and launch into another tour of her kingdom. Oh, how I do like catching the energy of a launch!

Jordan Lake: Bald Eagle Nest Report: H&G NestI watched Dad Hershey go past with a large, rather branched repair stick for his nest. Not more than 200 feet behind him came Mom Godiva. More often than not it is the dad bald eagle that carries the branches and mom who does the reconstruction work. But, I have seen moms carrying sticks and dads hard at work patching the nest. Good to see the work going forward for the breeding season.

Jordan Lake, Tuesday, September 8, 2020. While out with Captain Doug, checking bald eagle and osprey nests, we found this very photogenic bald eagle. I caught him at that moment of suspension just between being perched and in full flight. It was great seeing a bald eagle up close again … it was great to find a bald eagle to share with all of you!!!!!

Jordan Lake: Mom bald eagle came ripping across the top of the trees.  There was a 3-year-old bald eagle in her territory.  The face-to-face mid-air action was breath-taking!  It didn’t take Mom Eagle long to chase the youngster through the trees and out of the cove.  Whew!