Godiva was speeding down the lake when she suddenly pulled up vertical.  Her mate Hershey was headed her way, also in a hurry.  Godiva decided to challenge Hershey, possibly to a death spiral, but he wasn’t in any mood for the high stakes aerial.  Hershey streaked over Godiva.  Godiva was so mad she about stalled out of the air in her turn around to chase her mate.  They both were quickly out of my sight.

While on the Haw River above the main lake, a friend and I watched a pair of immature bald eagles practicing the maneuver known as a death spiral. I managed to get one of the talon to talon grabs that the youngsters were practicing; when they get really good at this skill they lock both feet to both feet. This is a critical skill for a bald eagle to learn as it is part of the breeding behavior of a potential breeding pair of bald eagles. The upper bird is a 4-year-old and the lower bird is a 3-year-old.

During the photography class this morning, we got a chance to watch this eaglet calmly, almost floating, fly past us. Always keeping an eye of all things happening at the lake, this fledgling bald eagle came by to see what was happening in his territory. What a great subject for my students! I thanked the eaglet for helping with the instructions.