Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River, Bald Eagle Gathering. Bald eagles will steal, or try to, a fish from other bald eagles. The eagle in the lead is a mature bald eagle and he is carrying a small, white fish that is dangling in his talons just below his tail feathers. The chaser is a 2-year-old bald eagle and it surely wants the fish. The perched fledgling eagle ogles the other two birds for the moment, but eventually it also entered the chase … too far down river for my camera to make an attempt at a shot.

Jordan Lake: Mom bald eagle came ripping across the top of the trees.  There was a 3-year-old bald eagle in her territory.  The face-to-face mid-air action was breath-taking!  It didn’t take Mom Eagle long to chase the youngster through the trees and out of the cove.  Whew!

Captain Doug and I went cruising the lake in his boat, looking for the fledglings and parents.
All the nests have now fledged their chicks and so its hard to find the families.
The two fledglings at the H&G Nest of Godiva and Hershey.
One fledgling is just to the left of the nest, at nest brim height.
The other fledgling is way to the left in the photo and near the top – it is small so look carefully.
At First Nest we could see the nest was in good shape, but didn’t see the fledglings.
We rounded the corner to find Mom Kate looking at something way up high and ignoring us.
At Captain’s Nest we hit the jackpot and found the family at home.
This photo has both fledglings in it.
One up high over the nest and the other fledgling you can just see the roundness of the top of its head at the nest brim.
Captain Nest Dad coming in for a landing.
Captain Nest Mom, being imperious and a joy to see.

We started this month on Monday with an eagle – which was grand because we hadn’t had one in a long time. This morning, at 06:14 AM, Lady Lake appeared out of the rising sun and soared past me. My oh my. Two neat bald eagles for me to share with you in one week! I haven’t seen Lady Lake of the LL&H nest since the beginning of the year.

The 3-year-old bald eagle came in from the lake.  Didn’t seem to notice me at all.  Glanced to one side and drifted towards an osprey who was hurrying to his nest.  Then the young eagle decided there were other places to explore.  He switched directions, angled upwards and joined the clouds way above me.