Update Big Pine Bald Eagle Nest

Big Pine Nest update: The gate is STILL OPEN. In the photo, that is Dad bald eagle once again trying to get a repair stick to his nest and once again having to bolt from the area. Yesterday morning there was a woman, holding a camera, standing inside the shelter building looking at the nest. She was INSIDE the single rope, single saw-horse “barrier” that is supposed to stop people from being exactly where she was. The fact that the woman was inside the “barrier” was through the utter failure of the inadequate planning of those tasked with protecting the bald eagles. Remember that this inadequate “barrier” was approved by the NC Division of State Parks, the Superintendent of the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The only way to protect Big Pine Nest is to CLOSE THE GATE to this area. Please, continue to spread the news about this problem. Please, every chance you get, contact every person who has the fate of the Big Pine Nest in their hands – contact list at the end of this post. BTW, the fact that the woman was inside the “barrier” was there is not a failure on the part of the Rangers at the park. The Rangers’ duties, first and foremost, and rightly so, are to take care of the human visitors to the park and that is a full-time task. My heart is so very grateful to all of you who are pitching in through every way each of you can. Thank you from the parent Bald Eagles of the Big Pine Nest.
Who to Contact:

Superintendent Shederick Mole
919-362-0586 ext.231
email shederick.mole@ncparks.gov

Kathy Capps
Deputy Director of Operations
North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation
Office 919.707.9339

John Hammond, US Fish and Wildlife Service
(the US FWS has the legal jurisdiction over this matter)
(919) 856-4520