Bald Eagle Big Pine Nest Needs Your Help!

Human Intrusion Update: The bald eagles need your help! The human intrusion continues on a daily basis and the parents are trying hard to avoid humans and still get ready for egg laying. The nest is at one of the shelters within the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area (JL SRA). I have asked superintendent Mole of JL SRA to close the gate that controls access to this area. He has said no because he says he does not want to keep anyone from entry to any areas of the JL SRA. A barrier has been constructed which consists of a single sawhorse and a row of traffic cones to stop humans from getting too close to the Big Pine Nest. The barrier is approximately 150 feet from the nest … nowhere near the distance from the nest that is required by law. My solution to Superintendent Mole as well as the NC Division of State Parks and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS) is to close the gate to shelter 8 and open its sister shelter 2 in the same area. The Superintendent and the NC Division of State Parks and the US FWS have all said NO. This is not right and is not following the laws within the Bald Eagle Act of 2007, see regulations at my blog I am asking that each of you email and or call the entities involved and let them know how you feel. The contact information is below. PLEASE tell the ones who have the lives of these bald eagles and their possible family in their hands how you feel about this. Also, please know that Pine Tree Nest has a very real possibility of being used for a Web Cam … but the eagles need their isolation in order to have a family for us to watch. I have mentioned this to all the parties involved, but I have not received a response regarding this wonderful teaching opportunity.
Remember the 660ft if you should find yourself near a nest. Please share this posting.My thanks to you from the parent Bald Eagles at Big Pine Nest!
Who to Contact:
Superintendent Shederick Mole919-362-0586 ext.231email
Kathy CappsDeputy Director of OperationsNorth Carolina Division of Parks and RecreationKathy.Capps@ncparks.govOffice 919.707.9339
John Hammond, US Fish and Wildlife Service(the US FWS has the legal jurisdiction over this matter)(919)
US Army Corps of Engineers actually has no say in this problem as it is occurring within the Jordan Lake State Park Recreation Area. So there no need to contact them.


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  1. I am pretty sure the area you are talking about at Ebenezer area. They are wrong. They did block off that whole area last year with a gate at the turn in road. And a sign saying wildlife was being protected was on the gate. The second road to the right was open last winter I think. Oddly enough that area was closed when I was there 2 weeks ago. With the lake level so low it is easy to walk the shore line into those areas. But not as easy if you have to start at the main shelter area.

    Jean Rabold


    1. Thank you Jean for your observations … I too don’t understand why some gates are open and some closed. We will all continue to work together and get the news spread in order to save this bald eagle family.

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