First Nest has been Raided

Jordan Lake. Bald Eagle First Nest update. The nest has been RAIDED. An immature bald eagle managed to invade First Nest on Friday and consumed its newly laid eggs. In the photo you can see the head to the left and the left shoulder and some of the tail of the immature bald eagle. I did not get to see the actual intrusion so I can’t tell you how it unfolded. Yes, bald eagles will raid other bald eagles’ nests of eggs and chicks. Please remember, nature is not cruel, she is harsh. Both parents seem to be OK. I checked again this morning just to be sure so I could let y’all know at least that small bit of good news. I will continue to watch the nest.


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  1. What a heartbreaking tale, but happy the adult pair are ok. Nature works in mysterious ways. I wonder if they will try for a second brood down the road. Fingers crossed that 2022 has a happier story hiding up its sleeve for you and the Eagles.

    1. Bald eagles are such large birds with such long breeding cycles that the rhythms needed for making a second clutch just don’t happen. I know of only 2 examples in the scientific literature where a second clutch was made and chicks survived to fledging. It would be great if First Nest could accomplish this feat but I don’t believe it will happen … but that won’t keep me from watching the nest closely in hopes of a miracle.

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