Urgent News – Bald Eagle Nest Intrusion

Jordan Lake. I have been investigating a human intrusion problem at one of our bald eagle nests at Jordan Lake. In the photo you can see mom eagle as she dashes away from the nest when some people approached it. I’m trying very hard to get all the facts together and get the intrusion stopped. I’ll let y’all know more details as facts get verified. In the meantime if you will pass along that the minimum distance you can approach any bald eagle is 330 feet (1 football field length) and you should not be closer than 660 feet (2 football fields) from a nest, the bald eagle parents would appreciate your help. Please remember if you should find yourself close to a nest, just please simply turn around and walk away. Let’s help everyone know how to take care of all our precious bald eagles out here at Jordan Lake.
Peace and grace, Doc Ellen

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  1. That’s alarming! I hope the situation has been resolved. Very useful info you included in your email— it’s a good thing to know and to tell friends who may be thinking of going there.

    Good wishes for the New Year, Ellen…… Helen


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