Jordan Lake. First Nest. Two of the bald eagle triplets were chasing each other in the air. One attempted a strike. I did my best to keep up with them but at this point I think they’re much better at flight (thank goodness) than I am at taking video of flight. Enjoy the two of them!

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Bald eagles are aggressive from the moment they are hatched. Upper bird is the smallest of the triplets and lower bird is the biggest. Eagles start to practice aggression in the air very soon after fledging. The smallest triplet has been flying for less than 4 days! It started this encounter…

two of the First Nest Triplets

Jordan Lake. First Nest. ALL THREE CHICKS HAVE FLEDGED! The smallest one this morning. In first 2 photos that is the controlled crash landing of the smallest chick as he got back to the nest after fledging; left wing hanging over nest brim. He was just fine – 3rd photo shows him pouting. He later took off again.
4th photo is 1st chick fledged. 5th photo, courtesy of Captain Doug, is biggest of triplets, fledged yesterday. Whew! Yay!!!!!

Jordan Lake. First Nest Victory Duet. Bard is worried because Kate has gone to chase an intruder out of the cove and he also has a fish under his foot he needs to get to his chicks. When a bald eagle couple vanquishes an intruder they often sing a Victory Duet. Bard and Kate sing when Kate returns to the branch. These pairs often throw their heads back, pointing beak straight up and tell the heavens about the victory. Watch Kate literally shake with her song.