Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Nest report: First Nest

This is the other chick in the nest. Like its sibling from yesterday, it is pouting … Mom Kate (in the second photo) came zooming in from the main lake and passed right by the nest to go and harass some ospreys. The chick is centered in the nest and it is looking to the right. You can see it has a lot of white feathers across its upper chest. I don’t know yet if this is what is known as a “white belly”. Kate and Petruchio have had other white belly chicks.

Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Nest report: First Nest

The chick is very, very interested in the food that dad Petruchio is studying and thinking about feeding to the chick

Much to the annoyance of the chick, Dad takes notice of something … other than the food the chick wants and is pointedly showing Dad where his attention should be.

Dad explains to the chick that watching for possible dangers comes first, yes, even before food.

The chick takes to pouting and Dad goes back to observing.

Jordan Lake Bald Eagle nest report: First Nest has 2 chicks! It is a little hard to see the second chick in the second photo because it has turned its back to us and we can really see how raggedy its plumage has become as it goes from dark gray to dark brown feathers. I never call the nest chick count until I can definitely see both chicks at the same time. Otherwise, I might be counting the same chick twice as it appeared in different parts of the nest.