Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Nest report: First Nest, 2 photos, 04-11-2019

First Nest
The lake level was so high that I could not see the nest.
The sky was sunny, but I was not because I wanted to see the chicks branching.
I had turned around to go back to my truck when a shadow blew past me.
Not a sound had been made in the cove. Yet, here was Kate at a high speed heading for the nest.
She didn’t have a fish.  She did look angry.
Into the branches around the nest Kate disappeared.
No sounds. I waited another 30 minutes then had to leave, wondering why the dash to the nest.

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  1. So you leave us with a puzzle. And more rain coming. I’ll wait until nearly 7 to decide about walking. Looks like rain may be early. Judy

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