Jordan Lake. Concentrating hard, eyes, feet and wings in synchrony, this 2-year-old bald eagle is determined to stick her landing and balance on the small diameter of the snag.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Two of the bald eagle triplets were chasing each other in the air. One attempted a strike. I did my best to keep up with them but at this point I think they’re much better at flight (thank goodness) than I am at taking video of flight. Enjoy the two of them!

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Bald eagles are aggressive from the moment they are hatched. Upper bird is the smallest of the triplets and lower bird is the biggest. Eagles start to practice aggression in the air very soon after fledging. The smallest triplet has been flying for less than 4 days! It started this encounter…

two of the First Nest Triplets

Jordan Lake. Dad Osprey definitely didn’t want the great blue heron to get anywhere close to his nest with mom and newly hatched chicks. As is usual in confrontational situations, the parent bird really doesn’t want to make contact because it does not want to get itself injured. It is better to bluff and threaten. The great blue heron made it safely past the osprey nest. Dad osprey landed triumphantly in the nest with his mate and chicks.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. With 3 rapidly growing chicks bouncing around in the nest, the parents have to bring in sticks and repair the nest. Dad Bard went dashing out and grabbed the top of a small pine tree and headed back to the nest. That’s him piling into the nest from the left-hand side while mom Kate is on the right hand side with fish to feed the chicks. Crowded!

Jordan Lake. First Nest. All birds keep their nests extremely clean. Kate is gathering up new nest lining to replace the soiled material that she and Bard carried out and dropped far away from the nest. Video starts with a few slides to show you how Mom Kate is gathering up the materials and then I caught her flying off with a whole bundle and landing in the nest where you can see both parents and the chicks.

Kate Gathers Nest Lining