Jordan Lake. First Nest. Kate and Bard have a chick or chicks that have hatched. 1) Kate is very proud to be a parent. 2) Mom Kate had been feeding chick(s) below my line of sight then stopped and looked very hard at her youngsters. It will be a while before we actually see the chicks.

Mom Kate

Jordan Lake. There are three days left until 21 December and the beginning of winter. Kate is making the most of the last of the autumn weather. She is one magnificent bald eagle!

Kate Bald Eagle

Jordan Lake. Mom Kate has not yet laid her eggs. This morning I listened to the two of them chattering for 2 hours in the trees, but I could not see them. Then out of the trees burst Petruchio and right behind was Kate. They dashed across the Cove and disappeared. I will be checking again tomorrow.

Sometimes, it takes a “not-seeing” moment for me to realize in the next blink, that I am “seeing” something. For instance, that is Kate standing in her nest. In the 1st photo, look between Kate’s left shoulder and the tree branch and note the empty space there. In the second photo, a small darkness has appeared in that same gap. In the 3rd photo the darkness has become one of her chicks! In the 4th photo, the chick has disappeared again. Neat sequence of Kate’s approximately 5-6 week old chick peeking past her shoulder.

Captain Doug and I went cruising the lake in his boat, looking for the fledglings and parents.
All the nests have now fledged their chicks and so its hard to find the families.
The two fledglings at the H&G Nest of Godiva and Hershey.
One fledgling is just to the left of the nest, at nest brim height.
The other fledgling is way to the left in the photo and near the top – it is small so look carefully.
At First Nest we could see the nest was in good shape, but didn’t see the fledglings.
We rounded the corner to find Mom Kate looking at something way up high and ignoring us.
At Captain’s Nest we hit the jackpot and found the family at home.
This photo has both fledglings in it.
One up high over the nest and the other fledgling you can just see the roundness of the top of its head at the nest brim.
Captain Nest Dad coming in for a landing.
Captain Nest Mom, being imperious and a joy to see.