Big Pine Nest update

Jordan Lake. The Captain and I were out on the lake yesterday afternoon doing bald eagle nest checks. We came across this unknown adult bald eagle sitting at the northern Sentinel Point for the Big Pine Nest. I did not recognize this bald eagle. Notice that this eagle has feathers growing out of her nares/nostrils. Quite a distinct marking, yes? We saw this eagle at 1:28 PM. We went wandering off to check other nests around the lake. At 2:24 PM we came back around to Big Pine Nest and there was mom Loblolly sitting where the unknown eagle had been perched earlier. While we were watching, as you can see, mom jumped off of the Sentinel Point perch and went barreling down the shoreline, turned sharply past the nest and disappeared in the tree line. I was trying to photograph the little speck of Loblolly in the tree line, when back around the same track that mom Loblolly had taken, came that same unknown adult bald eagle (the one with the nares feather). The unknown adult went zipping right past the nest and headed north up the lake. Dad Pitch stayed hunkered down on top of the eggs, protecting them. Very interesting episode! Hard enough on Loblolly and Pitch that humans are intruding, much less having another adult eagle show up in the area!

Unknown Intruder, with nares feathere
Mom Loblolly
unknown intruder again
Dad Pitch, can see a bare white streak of his head