Jordan Lake: Bald Eagle First Nest Unusual Event

Bald eagles are not usually sociable. They tolerate a mate and their chicks. Sometimes in winter, bald eagles will congregate around a food source, but argue about it. Once a chick has fledged, the parents will provide it some food and protection into the fall, but then the fledgling is on its own. I have watched, once or twice a year, an eaglet (starting its first or second year of life) make a trip back to its home nest and be briefly tolerated by the parents. On March 26, 2020, I finally got to record one of these encounters. Kate and one of her chicks are visited by the 2019 male fledgling from First Nest. Eventually Petruchio took exception to the visitor and chased it away. I sure am glad I could show you this uncommon bald eagle event!


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  1. Ellen,

    This is so good a scene for our time, you cannot go home if you have been away.

    Using the Scotch step (tape) music helped hold my attention while searching for the two-year old. This series is very different for you and is great.

    Bill Buck Look up wisely and believe.

    1. So glad you like the series. It started out as more than 400 photos… Took me several days to sort through, throw out and end up with the 34 photos I used, edit them and think about how to present it. I had a great time, oh, yes, indeed I did. Ellen


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