Before I left home this morning, I had looked at the weather forecast. I arrived at the lake before sunrise this morning, knowing it was going to be a very hot day, once again! The rising sun sure seemed to emphasize the coming heat. Take care, be safe. Stay cool.


Jordan Lake. Oh my. I looked up and across the Haw River, at the dam, and what did I see? I do believe it is a female long-leg leaf bear! Least ways, I think that’s what it is… But then… sometimes Doc Ellen‘s imagination gets well used… Hope you enjoy the new species!

long-leg leaf bear

Jordan Lake. This juvenile great blue heron found himself a fair sized fish… actually a rather large fish. The question is: could he swallow it. The long pauses in the video are when he is letting all of his throat structures relax so that he can literally wrap himself around the fish before finishing the swallow. I hope you enjoy the meal.

I would advise anyone that finds an eagle on the ground incapacitated or dead, not to touch it and to immediately call the NC Wildlife Resource Commission at 1 (800) 662-7137‬. Anyone touching the sick or dead eagle can spread the virus to their hands, clothes, etc. I am not as worried about a human getting the avian flu (so far it has not transmitted from bird to human) but any contamination you might get on yourself – hands, clothes, shoes, rubber gloves – can too easily transfer from you to say your bird feeders, etc. at home. Best to let the personnel with the proper protection and protocol pick up the bird.
Please share this information!

I am glad and very grateful to let you know that my GoFundMe campaign is just shy of the 2/3 point. When thinking of this upcoming milestone, I got to remembering the day I first got to Jordan Lake. I have made a short video so that you too can share in that memory. Please enjoy the serenity of the waters of Jordan Lake with me.

If you have not made a donation yet and would like to do so anonymously, simply click the “private do not share publicly” button on the Doc Ellen Go Fund Me page at

Peace and Grace

Doc Ellen