Jordan Lake Neighborhood 5 photos 07-18-2019

Jordan Lake Neighborhood Raptors
The morning started off with the moon setting in a beautiful Carolina blue sky.
Then the eagles came by and then the ospreys.
First was Lady Lake, panting hard in the heat and humidity.
Then a bright-eyed 2-year-old harassed the osprey nest and arrogantly floated past me.
Dad osprey was showing his fledglings how to fish.
 I wonder what the fledglings thought of the tiny fish dad captured!


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  1. Interesting group of photos. I saw that full moon when it was high up in the sky, and so bright and full. Judy

  2. I have never been there before but would like to try and photograph eagle or osprey fishing………. Is there anywhere I can find info on directions to good vantage points to get images from ? I can’t seem to find anything specific with internet search. The local photographers must know of sweet spots.

    1. To See Bald Eagles – Doc Ellen’s Eagle Etiquette Guideline
      1. gather all the patience you possess
      2. have at least 4 hours to spend at one time at one place in one session – I often spend 6-8 hours in the same place
      3. have patience
      4. plan to be in place 30 minutes before sunrise or 2 hours before sunset; middle of the day is not a good time for seeing any species of birds
      5. wear dark clothing
      6. have patience
      7. go to the nearest boat ramp to you; all ramps are on Jordan Lake maps on line
      8. take a chair for the non-eagle quiet times – which is most of the time
      9. have patience
      10. remember that if you get closer than 330 feet in non-breeding season (length of football field) eagles will leave or closer than 660 feet (2 football fields) in breeding season and the parent eagles will become agitated and might abandon their eggs or chicks
      11. if you try to get closer than a football field length the eagles will move away that same distance
      12. find your place and wait for the eagles to come to you
      13. have patience
      14. when the eagle appears, enjoy
      15. realize that I often spend many hours to get the one shot I have posted – some days I see absolutely no eagles
      You might consider purchasing my booklet Bald Eagle Mystery which has full color photos and descriptions of the various ages of bald eagles. You can purchase it in my FB Store.

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