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The cypress tree has knees that allow it to bridge very different environments – soil, water and air.  The cypress tree reminds me that bridges in life are often needed. Thanksgiving Day gives me the opportunity to reach from my heart to yours and to tell each of you how utterly grateful I am that you allow me into your lives by sharing what I see and photograph.  So please take my thank you through this special day and into many tomorrows and pass the joy on to the next heart or soul that needs your help to build a healing bridge.  Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

Oh, I was grumpy, yes I was at sunrise this morning. The fog was heavy over the river and all up in the trees. Grump, indeed, as any birds were well-hidden. I kept looking down the river where I just could see an adult bald eagle, silent in the mist. The sun eased up the sky and suddenly there was light caught in the trees. “That would be a pretty landscape shot,” I thought, “and maybe the eagle will be visible in the photograph”. Snap. I took the shot and forgot about it until just now. Oh, my. Light suffused and showing plainly that there were 3 bald eagles in the tree. My grump got dispelled as I planned to share with all of you. Take care, be safe. Stay well.

Jordan Lake, Haw River
 A brick wall sometimes a mirror may be
 if you as a child can see
 past the clay
 letting your imagination roam free