Jordan Lake. This fledgling osprey has only been flying about eight weeks. She managed to catch and carry a striped bass that is as long as she is. She never got more than about 2 feet above water. After resting on the log for three minutes she managed to lift the fish one more time and disappeared around the tree line from my sight.

Jordan Lake. Hard Luck osprey nest. Sometimes ospreys get their entire front – from beak to their feet pretty cruddy with the leftovers of fish. The best way the ospreys have found to scrub is to skip themselves – like a stone that you might skip across a pond. The motion of skipping and rubbing against the water acts like a very stiff brush and helps loosen up the debris. I get to see this action every couple of years at the lake. I see it more in the summer and I have to wonder if the heat and humidity in the air makes the fish leftovers stick tighter. This is the longest sequence I’ve ever been able to photograph and I am very happy to be sharing it with you. Enjoy!

osprey skipping

Jordan Lake. When an osprey goes totally underwater to catch a fish, they also pick up a load of water. In order to quickly lose the weight of the water they do a dog shake. They start the shake at their beak and it twists all the way through their body and flips out at the end of the tail. The osprey is pretty much upside down twisted all the way around in the second photo! Always fun to see.

Osprey Shake