Jordan Lake: I watched this female Osprey Fledgling catch a fish this morning. Then she promptly did what she needed to do next: the youngster shook off all the excess water from her dive and lightened the weight she had to carry in her flight to a nearby tree. The shake is done exactly the way a dog does one … starts at the beak and twists through to the tail.

Jordan Lake. Ospreys often dance … the whole arc of sky their stage. This performance occurred this morning. I am glad I can share the moment with all of you.

Jordan Lake: This osprey youngster is one of this year’s fledglings. The male osprey has caught himself a nice sized fish. He is certainly perfecting his fishing skills!

Jordan Lake: Osprey don’t often fish in the reedy/grassy shallow areas of the lake. Osprey will take just about any species of fish but seem to prefer the longer-bodied fish (bass, catfish) over the more round-bodied fish such as this bluegill. That may be a factor of what fish species are found here in Jordan Lake or it may be that it is easier for the Osprey to actually physically grab the longer bodied fish. Note that the Osprey has his foot wrapped totally around the bluegill. By the way this is a dad Osprey who took this bluegill back to his three fledglings who met him at the nest and each demanded the fish for its own meal. His daughter won the fish.

Jordan Lake, Haw River 16 minutes after the sun rose … I was tracking a male osprey as he came in over the dam and almost disappeared down into the shadows of the riprap and the sudden glare of the sun. I watched the osprey flare and snatch his fish and then the quiet morning exploded in osprey shrieks and great blue heron gronks. A large light grey shadow was closing in on the osprey. I don’t know if the heron had had an eye on the same fish as the osprey or that the heron took exception to the osprey disturbing his morning fishing. The osprey fled the river with his fish and out over the dam and the heron grumbled his way back to the riprap shoreline.

Jordan Lake: Captain Doug and I aren’t sure that the youngster’s flight this morning was his very first, but it is a fair guess that he couldn’t have been flying for more than a day or so because he wasn’t seen flying yesterday. Enjoy the young male as he leaves his startled sisters behind and goes to explore the world!