Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: Dear Momma Osprey!  Welcome back to your breeding home here at Jordan Lake.  You are always my reliable signal that Spring is just around the bend.  What a tremendous flight you have taken … more than 3000 miles from South America to North Carolina.  I am glad you had the endurance and good winds to get back here again!

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River, Friday, August 7, 2020.  The Haw River within the riprap was full of striped bass.  The ospreys were feasting!  This male osprey made quite a large catch.  To my eye it seemed that there was as much fish as there was bird as the osprey flew past.

Jordan Lake: Usually when ospreys have a disagreement, it is worked out through lots of chatter, high pitched squeals and a couple of bluff dives.  There was no bluffing involved in this dispute between two adult female ospreys.  None.  I think the aggressor was on her own turf and decided she was going to make sure the other female left.  I have never seen one osprey deliberately strike another osprey but that is what happened.  Yikes!  Neither seemed the worse for the encounter as both flew out over the lake, still screaming.

Not One but TWO! Yes, two fish at the same time. One in each talon. The osprey tried hard to hold onto both fish, but, one got away; you can see the fish drop away. I believe this is a subadult male – about 2-years-old – and still without a mate. As strong and determined as he is, he probably won’t have trouble finding a suitable mate late next winter. WOW! Two at Once!!!