Jordan Lake. Body stilled. Talons glinting. Neck stretched just enough to see past surrounding branches. Eyes pinned on point of interest too far away for me to comprehend. This bald eagle fledgling lives to claim tomorrow as hers.

bald eagle fledgling

Jordan Lake. One moment, you have very firmly in your grasp the chunk of fish that your mom has brought to you. You decide to fly off somewhere safe to eat it. But, then, oh drat… you drop it. Sometimes life has a very steep learning curve or should I say a very steep drop. Oh, bald eagle fledgling’s woe.

Jordan Lake. Like our emerging nation in 1776, which wrapped itself in the Stars of Freedom, this fledgling Bald Eagle of 2022 is also wrapped in the stars of freedom. May we all cooperate to share our fragile democracy equally … with loving kindness toward all. Have a blessed and safe Fourth of July.

Star-Spangled Bald Eagle Fledgling

Jordan Lake. I heard the fledgling bald eagle screaming as it burst forth from the trees. Right behind the young eagle was a pair of fish crows. Apparently the eaglet had gotten too close to the fish crows’ nest. All 3 instantly banked back into the trees and I tried to follow them through the branches but they disappeared very quickly out of my sight.