JL Raptor report: Ranger Nest 7 photos 05-04-2018

Ranger Nest:
An unknown fledgling flew over the Ranger nest.  
Interestingly enough, neither parent bird saw this foreign youngster as a threat.
 MARK0121 WO East 01-05-18 15-26-1-1-1-Edit
Mom Ranger had been preening when something way down the cove caught her attention and she dashed off to investigate.
My human eyes could not see what had caused the eagle to take flight.
 MARK0215 WO East 01-05-18 15-51-1-1-Edit
Both Ranger chicks – note how shiny black the baby’s beak is – this is normal for this age.
 MARK0339 WO East 01-05-18 16-39-1-1-Edit
That is dad Osprey, from the neighborhood, flying above the eagle nest.
He certainly caught the attention of both bald eagle chicks!
The osprey is an annoyance but not a threat to the eagle chicks.
 MARK0376 WO East 01-05-18 16-42-1-1-Edit
Mom Ranger is staring down at a red-headed woodpecker that had landed about 20 feet below her.
I couldn’t get both birds in the photograph.
MARK0447 WO East 01-05-18 17-09-1-1-1-1-Edit
As the day got hotter, the chicks instinctively panted and dropped their wings to get better airflow around their bodies.
 MARK0703 WO East 01-05-18 18-37 1-1-1-1-Edit
This 4-year-old bald eagle is a threat and grave danger to the Ranger chicks.
Both Ranger parents came screaming in to protect their chicks.
The juvenile bald eagle ignored everybody and calmly flew across the cove and out of sight.
 MARK0271 WO East 01-05-18 16-04 1-1-1-Edit