The 12-year-old heart of me wants to say that Mom Ranger will return.  The veterinarian mind of me says she will not.  There were some very unusual happenings at Ranger Nest today.  Both a 3-year-old bald eagle and a 4-year-old bald eagle actually visited the nest and stayed within the nest for a while.  Dad Ranger chased the 3-year-old off.  Then Dad Ranger went to a favorite nearby perch tree and was soon joined there by the 4-year-old bald eagle, who is a female.  Dad Ranger allowed the 4-year-old to perch with him.  Then Ranger Dad went to the nest, followed by the 4 year-old eagle. Both eagles very intently studied the inside of the nest.  I believe that they were looking at Mom Ranger who had passed away within the nest.  I have no facts, just observations, to support my assumptions, but I think they are probably close to the truth.  We will probably never know what happened to Ranger Mom.  I do wonder if there will develop a relationship between Ranger Dad and the 4-year-old female bald eagle who will be mature enough this coming fall to be looking for a mate.  I will continue to watch Ranger Cove and let you if anything develops.  I miss Ranger Mom, a lot.


Still no Mom Ranger.  Dad Ranger spent the morning waiting, calling and occasionally chasing off immature eagles.  I know all of us are worried about both parents.  Ranger Dad will continue to guard the nest – bald eagles are very territorial and visit their nests all year around, even when they don’t have a family of young in the nest. Bald eagles use the same nest each season. For that reason eagle nests and eagle nest trees are as highly protected as the bird itself.  We will continue to wait and see what happens over the next few days.

Ranger Mom has not been seen at Ranger Cove in 4 days. Ranger Dad is looking for her and at the same time protecting their nest. The eggs are no longer viable but that doesn’t stop the father bald eagle’s vigilence. My heart ached as I watched his loyalty and bravery as other bald eagles tried to take advantage of the situation. It is doubtful that Ranger Mom will return but we are all watching and waiting along with Ranger Dad.

Jordan Lake bald eagle Ranger Nest update:  the nest survived the wind, but the nest tree is severely damaged.  I got word Saturday night about the damage to the nest tree and that only 1 parent was seen.  Before dawn this morning, I dashed to the lake hoping to see both parents.  Mates often switch off incubation duties at dawn or visit the one on the nest then and the early hour would probably be my best chance to see both eagles.  At 7:37 AM Dad Ranger brought a fish to Mom Ranger who had been on the nest when I could first see the nest in the early light.  My sigh of relief could probably be heard all over the lake.  Since Mom is incubating, I take that to probably mean at least 1 egg has survived. I have started the slideshow with a view of the nest from last Sunday so you can see that both uprights were snapped off in the storm. You can see one arm of one of the uprights laying across the nest behind the eagles.  It took me a good 15 minutes to find a view point as my usual observation point is now flooded by more than 50 feet of lake.  I will keep y’all updated.  PS: H&G nest is intact – we are watching to see if the parents there are ok. At First Nest none of us can see the nest because there too there is more than 25 ft of lake between us and the observation point – I do know that at least 1 of the parents there is ok, but it was too far away for me to know which one.  The winds and rains have been hard on the bald eagles but they are tough and resilient!