JL Eagle Nest report: H&G Nest video 04-13-2018

H&G nest snippets

I think the smallest of the eagle trio may still be with us. The State Rangers, one of the other monitors and I have been watching closely since we saw the first of my video snippets in this movie from 2 days ago.  In the first snippet: the large and medium chicks are playing to the right of the main trunk.  Mom Godiva is on the horizontal limb in front of the nest.  Hershey is in the nest to the left and he appears to be feeding the smallest chick.  I wish I had a long enough lens to film the nest directly, maybe one day … in the meantime thank you for putting up with my sway as I use my iPhone to record the video on the back of my Canon camera – which is on LIveView at 10x zoom.  One of my friends is working on a jig to mount my iPhone directly behind the Canon so that the recording will be level and without my sway.  Hope we can get there sooner than later!  The rest of the snippets are family life in the H&G nest – chicks playing, mom and dad nest repairing, a good scratch or two and flights by the parents in and out of the nest.

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