Jordan Lake. At the golden hour this morning, I found mama Godiva out on the perch in front of her nest. That is dad Hershey that you can see inside of the nest, just to the left of the main trunk. Their egg(s) should hatch just about any day now. So I am watching very very closely!

H&G Nest Golden Hour

Jordan Lake, H&G Nest Report: The bald eagle Dad Hershey at H&G nest, several vultures and a red-tailed hawk were all circling in the same kettle of rising air. For whatever reason the red tail hawk decided to fuss at Dad Hershey. They had a face off, way up in the air! They glared, made threats and then broke away from each other. Dad Hershey then dashed down to the lake and grabbed a fish that a ring-billed gull had dropped. The bald eagle took the fish back to a big branch and was happily eating on the fish when, for whatever reason, the red-tailed hawk showed up and complained and made Dad Hershey duck and scrunch down. Apparently having had it’s say, the red-tailed hawk then sailed off into the tree line. I don’t know what started all the ruckus. Neither bird has eggs or chicks in a nest. So, maybe it was just that the red-tailed hawk had a desire to be crabby. Or maybe I should say hawkish?

Jordan Lake: H&G Nest. Hershey and Godiva have been very chatty of late. They have also started to repair their nest … and they are a month earlier than usual. I am not at all sure what the early start means! In the 1st photo that is Hershey up top and Godiva down below. The bald eagle in flight is Hershey.

Jordan Lake: Somehow, even though I have rendered Hershey into black and white, our eyes and our souls feel and fly with his majesty. Interesting how that transformation works …

Jordan Lake, Dawn. This is the third hover that Hershey had done inside of four minutes. He came dashing off of the shoreline, went into a hover, looked, pulled out, circled around. He did that same hover, half dive maneuver once more. You are seeing the third hover that he held for more than 4 seconds. You can also see that he once again did not actually go after whatever it was in the water that had his attention. I sure wonder what it was that had caused the repeated attempts!

Jordan Lake, Bald Eagle Nest report: H&G NestOne of the chicks at the nest tried hard to impress Dad Hershey. Dad dutifully watched the chick bounce, but quickly went back to doing other nest-keeping chores. The chick is not yet properly branching, when it steps up on the branch to the left of the nest. Soon though, it will be much higher above the nest in proper branching mode.