H&G Nest
The high lake levels have kept all of the bald eagle nest monitors from checking the nests as often as we usually do.
I got to the nest of Hershey and Godiva to find that their chick(s) have hatched!
That is Hershey at the lower left as Godiva is watching from behind the main truck of their nest tree.
Godiva leaning over to feed an unseen chick.
Hershey on his favorite outlook post.
After the chick feeding, Godiva settled in to enjoy some of the morning sunshine.

First Nest
I visited First Nest today and found Petruchio preening on a limb near the nest.
Having finished getting all his feathers clean and straight, he gave me a hello flight and soared closely over my head.
H&G Nest
I thought I would show you the nest … from where I stand to watch the home of Hershey and Godiva!
Can you find the nest?
And, then show you a crop of the same photo and you can see Godiva perched in front of her nest.  She hasn’t laid her eggs yet.

H&G Nest
This morning, while waiting for the fog to lift, I could faintly hear a lot of eagle chatter way down the shoreline.
I couldn’t yet see the eagles, so I got distracted by a huge flock of red-winged blackbirds.
I turned back to look down the shoreline and the sun peeked through.
That is Godiva sitting in the sunshine and Hershey below and to the right.
Good seeing the parents of the H&G nest watching over their territory.

Dear Friends:
H&G bald eagle nest
Godiva and Hershey started the breeding season with triplets. Eventually we all realized that 1 of the chicks was missing. We don’t know what happened to the third chick. This nest is at one of the longest distances for any of the monitors to see. We are sad that the 3rd chick did not make it. However, the GOOD news is that the other two H&G chicks made it to fledging and are out and flying. I keep trying for a photo of both of them and will post if I manage it. Thank you for all your support, prayers and input on the H&G Nest.
First Nest eagle nest: I saw Resolute of First Nest chasing about her cove just the other day.
I am still following the Ranger bald eagle nest and 2 different osprey nests and will continue to post photos and stories so you all will know how they are doing.
Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

H&G nest snippets

I think the smallest of the eagle trio may still be with us. The State Rangers, one of the other monitors and I have been watching closely since we saw the first of my video snippets in this movie from 2 days ago.  In the first snippet: the large and medium chicks are playing to the right of the main trunk.  Mom Godiva is on the horizontal limb in front of the nest.  Hershey is in the nest to the left and he appears to be feeding the smallest chick.  I wish I had a long enough lens to film the nest directly, maybe one day … in the meantime thank you for putting up with my sway as I use my iPhone to record the video on the back of my Canon camera – which is on LIveView at 10x zoom.  One of my friends is working on a jig to mount my iPhone directly behind the Canon so that the recording will be level and without my sway.  Hope we can get there sooner than later!  The rest of the snippets are family life in the H&G nest – chicks playing, mom and dad nest repairing, a good scratch or two and flights by the parents in and out of the nest.