JL Eagle Nest report: H&G Nest 1 photo, 1 video 4/3/2018

Godiva caught a big fish and Hershey gave her an escort back to the nest.
You can really see in this photo just how light brown Hershey is colored.
In the video two of the chicks are playing and one of them gets bossy with mom Godiva.
I have not seen the third chick in a week.
The third chick may simply be being pushed to the back, or,
it has lost the competition and passed away.  I will keep watching for it.
I apologize for the odd mixture of types in the video.
The oldest of my two cameras is the one I use for video.
It has served me well but is coming to the end of its usefulness.
I am filling my piggybank because I need to replace it.  Thank you for your understanding.