UPDATE on 3 Eagles + 1 Osprey

I have had several delightful questions sent to me about my video.
I thought I would share my answers here with photos from the critical points:
1. The little male osprey caught a very, very large fish.
He has it tucked against his chest as he muscles the fish up.
2. It took several tries for the osprey to lift the fish from the water.
3. The osprey got some altitude and was making the bend toward his nest when he saw the eagle heading for him.
4. Bald eagles make a habit of stealing fish from ospreys … so the osprey tried to up his speed but…
5. Out of the cove to the osprey’s right (regretfully I didn’t get the osprey in the frame)
came a second bald eagle and the osprey dropped his large fish (you can see the splash).
Two eagles are not good odds for an osprey to face.
6. One of the bald eagles made a dash for the fish.
7. The fish was so large that the eagle was having trouble getting out of the water (don’t worry, eagles swim well).
8. While the first bald eagle was trying to get out of the water,
the second bald eagle made an attempt to harass the first eagle into abandoning the fish.
9. Bless his heart, the little osprey tried to get back his fish –
he’s in the upper left of the photo and was easily missed in the video.
The osprey gave up the chase and the fish.
The first eagle finally cleared the water without the fish.
10. Out of the back cove, Hershey dashed in (sorry about the focus) and grabbed the fish. Whew.
11. Hersey makes the mad dash for home.
And, THANK YOU for all your wonderful responses to my efforts with the Jordan Lake Neighborhood series!!

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