Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: I love the plumage patterns and colors on the 3-year-old bald eagles. This eagle had been watching the river flowing inside the riprap for some time. A flash of a fish caught her eye and almost instantly she had caught her dinner. What a beautiful display of her fishing abilities!

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: I had just settled in on the riprap of the dam, just past the fishing pier, at 26 minutes after sunrise. An explosive motion caught my eye. This 4-year-old male bald eagle exploded out of the deep shadows of the trees across the river from me. He hit the water so fast that I missed his flare, caught his capture of the fish, wondered if he could hold onto the large fish with just one foot. The eagle wondered that too and glanced down to check…

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: You know the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men (and photographers)? Photo bomb! Just as the bald eagle caught her fish, an American crow decided to zip along side of her. The crow did make a rather interesting abstract form that nicely framed the eagle.

This youngster had a fish in his right foot and was headed to the safety of the trees to eat it, when a second fish caught his eye.  I don’t often see eagles or ospreys go after a second fish while they are already carrying the weight of a first fish.  Not to mention the dexterity needed to hold on to one fish while grabbing a second one from the water.  This youngster managed to keep both fish and made it into the trees.  Pretty neat fishing!