The first half of the slideshow is about one of the H&G Nest bald eagle fledglings making a successful fishing strike.
The 2nd half shows the 2 year-old bald eagle who decided to visit Doc this morning.  She was about 50 feet from me.
This is the 2 year-old in the video posted earlier today.
My little iPhone tries hard when making videos, but it can’t bring to you the stills that my Canon camera does.

The bald eagle was lined up, eyes steady on the fish.
He had dropped his feet and was ready to flare his talons.
I was hoping for a great photo of a fish catch.
And then …
The great blue heron squawked, gronked, flared his head feathers and the eagle got distracted.
The eagle bent away from the heron, pulled up his feet and went around for another try.
The look on the eagle’s face was priceless.

It was cold.  It was windy.  The fog kept mixing with the rain.  
Sometimes I could see the Haw River below the Jordan Lake Dam. 
 Sometimes the mists swallowed it.
And then the weather conditions didn’t matter.
This beautiful 2-year-old bald eagle was hungry and he was looking for a fish.
You can see the rain all around him.
A fish caught his eye, he banked hard, reversed direction and flew into the mists just above the river.
Did he catch his fish?
The grey air was still partially obscuring a clear view of him, but I could see a fish dangling from one foot!
As the 2-year-old banked further, he lifted above the fog and mist and I could clearly see his catch.
He flew out of sight, back into all the grey weather.