Jordan Lake: The field identification marks on a fledgling Osprey are beautiful and unmistakable. The bright almost red-orange eye is very intense. As an adult the eye would be a clear golden yellow. At the end of each flight and back feather there is a white marking that looks like the head of a “rivet” to me. As the osprey ages these white markings will wear off and be un-noticeable in a 1.5 year-old-osprey.


From one end of Jordan Lake to the other, the ospreys are hauling in big bass.
Dad osprey was fishing in the Haw River, inside the riprap at the dam.
Into the flight path of the osprey a great blue heron appeared.
The osprey ignored the squawking heron and concentrated on the bass.
You can see that the raptor was struggling to get the whole fish above the water.
Dad osprey managed the lift and was up and away towards his nest. Whew!