Update on Loblolly and Pitch

Jordan Lake. They still have not laid eggs. In the video that is Loblolly drying off. Pitch was way down at the other end of their territory, watching the world go by. Please note: I have been asked if while pursuing my advocacy for the bald eagles at Jordan Lake, especially Loblolly and Pitch, “if I was upset with rangers and everybody and anybody who is working at Jordan Lake Park”. My answer is a loud no, not everybody. It is Superintendent Mole and his supervisors that have decided to keep the gate to Shelter 8 open. I have utmost respect and appreciation for the rangers, maintenance and administrative staff at Jordan Lake State Park. These women and men work hard to protect visitors and provide them with opportunities to enjoy being within the natural beauty of the park. These workers are under the supervision of Superintendent Mole and so have to follow his directions. I don’t know where the rangers, maintenance and administrative staff at the park stand on the issue at shelter 8 – I simply know that all my interactions with them have been great. My continuing advocacy and request is for Superintendent Mole to direct the closing of the gate at shelter 8 and protect Loblolly and Pitch and their nest.