Bald Eagles and Avian Flu

Bald Eagles are at risk due to Avian Flu. The avian influenza has been detected in NC commercial poultry flocks - likely brought into the area by wild birds. I have not yet observed or been notified of any cases of Avian Flu here at Jordan Lake.

I would advise anyone that finds an eagle on the ground incapacitated or dead, not to touch it and to immediately call the NC Wildlife Resource Commission at 1 (800) 662-7137‬. Anyone touching the sick eagle can spread the virus to their hands, clothes, etc. I am not as worried about a human getting the avian flu (so far it has not transmitted from bird to human) but any contamination you might get on yourself - hands, clothes, shoes, rubber gloves - can too easily transfer from you to say your bird feeders, etc. at home. Best to let the personnel with the proper protection and protocol pick up the bird.

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