Jordan Lake: 2 Bald Eagle Nests reports

H&G Nest: Mom Godiva laid her egg(s) 01/19/2022! In the photo she is in what we call “incubation posture” – she is snugged down on top of her eggs. Adult and immature bald eagles do well in cold air, but eggs and chicks do not. If Mom Godiva were to leave her eggs uncovered for a few minutes in this weather (at the moment it is 33°F with a windchill of 21°F) the embryos would die. So from now until the eggs hatch and the chicks get past the 2-week-old age point, it is imperative that mom or dad are tight against the eggs for all but a few moments.

Big Pine Nest: That is dad Pitch, way, way down the shoreline from his nest. The photo was taken on Thursday. I did not see Mom Loblolly so I don’t know if eggs have been laid yet.
I sure hope, for all of us, that the sun soon pops out and the roads dry out and become safe for travel.
Please stay warm and safe through the weekend. If you haven’t had a chance to contact those who can close the gate to protect Big Pine Nest and/or to sign the petition, grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, go to petition and for contacts and take action and help Loblolly and Pitch have a safe haven at their shelter.