Jordan Lake: Human Intruder at Bald Eagle Nest

Bald Eagle Nest WARNING. There was a HUMAN INTRUSION at First Nest today. The intruder was on the shoreline almost beneath the nest, watching the nest and parents. Both parent eagles got very upset and left the nest. They left the eggs uncovered for more than 10 minutes. The scientists say that an egg, in the winter, left uncovered by the warmth of a parent bird for that long could very possibly die. Eventually Petruchio and then Kate returned, both still agitated and it took another 5 minutes before Kate settled on the eggs. PLEASE pass this warning along. 660 feet is the minimum distance a human can be from a bald eagle nest during breeding season. Please respect the bald eagles at Jordan Lake and where ever bald eagles decide to nest. NO sighting or photo is worth the loss of a single bald eagle. 1st photo is Kate, 2nd is Petruchio, both upset at the human intruder.