Jordan Lake Event: Do Bald Eagles and Ospreys Make Good Neighbors?

Event Invitation:  Saturday, March 23, 2019, from 2:00 to 3:00PM.

The dynamic fish hunter the Osprey, has started its late winter migration back towards the Lake.  What a great time to discuss the interactions of the Ospreys and Bald Eagles of Jordan Lake!  Please join Doc Ellen and Ranger McMurray for an indoor/outdoor presentation about these magnificent predators.  We will also discuss other migratory birds, warblers, sparrows etc. that come north in the spring. Weather permitting, we will spend some time outside after the indoor portion.  Please dress accordingly.  No reservations required, just show up!  
For questions, email or contact Doc Ellen via her Facebook Page.
An Osprey parent and an immature Bald Eagle face off because the eagle got too close to the osprey’s nest.


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  1. Hi Ellen,You wowed the group!  Turning off the lights focused everyone on your pictures and your voice. I heard compliments about your lovely calm voice.Everyone was so pleased.  Thank you so much. >Is this event at the Corps Visitor Center?   I have it on the calendar.Best,Margaret Scott

    1. The upcoming event is at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, at 280 State Park Rd, Apex (it is directly off highway 64). I really enjoyed the group and all their questions and avid attention! Thank you for lunch and please pass along to Betsy my thank you for the cookies and water. peace and grace, Doc ellen

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