Study in Bald Eagle Size, First Nest, 4 photos 2/14/2018

1) Petruchio came flying in, talons full of nesting material – a fair sized load.

2) 8 minutes later, Kate arrived with her talons also full of nesting material – a rather large load. Petruchio is capable of carrying large limbs and often does – but it is Kate that makes the large cargo runs of wet heavy nesting materials.
Notice too her large neck compared to her mate’s. She is overall about 30% bigger than Petruchio – this is true of all eagles.

3) There was a difference too in the final approach to the nest.
First, here is Petruchio. He easily lifts the materials high up over the rim of the nest in his approach to the nest.
4) Then here is Kate. She is going to barely make it over the rim with her heavier load.
Sorry about the “fading” on the left of this photo: I was shooting in a hurry through tree limbs and pine needles.

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