First photo of Bald Eagle Chick and an Osprey too 3 photos 2/11/2018

First Nest   CHICK!!!!!
first photo: see if you can find the chick: look for a white fuzz ball with 2 black eyes …
and if you have trouble, go to second photo
Chicks at this age are white going to grey, have bright black eyes, and bobble because they have trouble holding their heads up.
It didn’t help me that the wind was blowing at 14 mph and the sky was totally overcast,
it was drizzling rain and all was dull grey so I hope the photos are ok.
The osprey has returned!! and at least 3 weeks early.  I usually see them start to arrive about March 3.
While watching the eagle chick, I heard the osprey before I saw him.
I thought I was hearing things in anticipation of warmer weather, and there came the osprey around the shoreline.